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            1. 考试吧


              考试吧 2018-02-08 14:40:33 评论(0)条


                1. Because of the generous new salary scheme, we find that part time

                staff do not need to be replaced----- as in the past.

                (A) as often

                (B) most often

                (C) more often

                (D) often

                2. Our candidate realizes that his position on free trade is

                complicated and he would ----- the opportunity to explain it to your


                (A) assess

                (B) welcome

                (C) size

                (D) lend

                3. Even when he is short of money he keeps $20 in the bottom of his

                shoe ----- there is an emergency.

                (A) although

                (B) in spite of

                (C) since

                (D) in case

                4. We should promote the fact that our return and refund policy is

                much better than ----- of any of our competitors.

                (A) that

                (B) this

                (C) those

                (D) these

                5. The downward trend in technology stocks started three months ago

                ----- is expected to continue until the European economy improves.

                (A) then

                (B) however

                (C) and

                (D) thus

                6. If you had told us that your guest was interested in Native

                American Art, we certainly ----- for a trip to the museum.

                (A) had arranged

                (B) would have arranged

                (C) will arrange

                (D) arranged

                7. Until we installed the new insulation, heating was the -----

                largest overhead expense we had.

                (A) solitary

                (B) unique

                (C) single

                (D) exclusively

                8. All employment ----- must include the names and telephone numbers

                of at least two personal references.

                (A) applicants

                (B) applying

                (C) applied

                (D) applications

                9. If the elevator cannot ----- a load of more than 13 people we

                will have to install a second one.

                (A) offer

                (B) make

                (C) bring

                (D) support

                10. Some African countries have a death penalty for poachers who

                hunt animals that are in danger of -----.

                (A) dissipation

                (B) instinct

                (C) abduction

                (D) extinction

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